January 11, 2011 update: Searches can now be performed using either version 2.0 or 1.4 of the IPhOD by selecting its search page. If you experience any problems with the online search functions, please contact: Kenny Vaden.

Search IPhOD (version 2.0) for specified words

Enter search words into the text field below, then select the IPhOD values that you wish to output for each word. Values are selected by clicking the boxes that correspond to variable names. An explanation of each is listed on the details page. You can copy and paste the output from the results page into other programs. If one of the entered words is not returned in the results, then it was not included in the database. Click here to choose another online search.Click here for CMUPD key. IPhOD version 2.0 contains homographs, so more than one transcription may be returned for one word.

1) Enter words to search for, in the field below:

2) Select desired IPhOD values to output:

Unstressed estimatesStressed estimates
Unweighted S freq log10 SF S context Unweighted S freq log10 SF S context
  Biphoneme Probability
  Triphoneme Probability
  Positional Probability
  Constrained Pos. Prob.

SUBTLEXus word frequency measures: SFreq, SCDcnt.

Other output options: # Syllables, CMU transcription, CMU syllable stress transcription.

3) Click submit button to proceed:

Note: IPhOD version 2.0 may include or return multiple transcriptions for one word (homographs).