March 29, 2012 update: Transcription-based calculations can now be performed using either version 2.0 or 1.4 of the IPhOD, by following the links below. If you experience any problems with the online calculator functions, please contact: Kenny Vaden.

IPhOD Calculator: version 2.0 phonotactic and density values

The IPhOD calculator, below, will calculate the unstressed phonological neighborhood density and biphoneme probability for words or pseudowords that you spell out in CMUPD glyphs as in the examples below (click here for CMUPD key.) Enter your transcribed items (eg. words) into the text field below, with periods separating glyphs and a whitespace separating words. An explanation for the output IPhOD values is listed on the main page. You can copy and paste the output into other programs. The actual calculation part may take some time, depending on how many items are entered and how long each is (# phonemes). Click here to perform searches based on other criteria.

CMUPD glyphs should be separated by a period within each word, and words must be separated by whitespace. To calculate values for {car, tree, cat}, enter transcriptions into the text field:

1) Enter word transcriptions in the field below (CMU Glyph Key):

2) Select desired IPhOD values to output:

Unstressed estimates
Unweighted S freq log10 SF S context
Biphoneme Prob.
Triphoneme Prob.
Positional Prob.
Constrained Pos. Prob.

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3) Click submit button to proceed: